Mount Calvary Baptist Church - Hoboken, GA
Monday, February 17, 2020
Let Go and Let God!
Mt. Calvary Baptist Church welcomes you to their website.
God has directed your path here and we hope something helps you along your way!
You will find information about our church, service times and what is happening weekly.
We are a church where it is all about our Lord Jesus Christ and we hope you will visit with us soon! 
John 3:16 
1.  God - the greatest lover 
2. So loved - the greatest degree 
3.  The world - the greatest company 
4.  That He gave - the greatest act 
5.  His only begotten Son - the greatest gift 
6.  That whosoever - the greatest opportunity 
7.  Believeth - the greatest simplicity 
8.  In Him - the greatest attraction 
9.  Should not perish - the greatest promise 
10.  But - the greatest difference 
11. Have - the greatest certainty 
12.  Eternal life - the greatest possession 
 Salvation is a gift to be received, not a goal to be achieved.